Blazing Scarlet Banner

Master Hector of the Black Height

Back when I was just a stripling

Was when I first saw rippling

Across the fields of Pennsic the points of Eastern spears

But then I saw beside me

To lead me and to guide me

The blazing scarlet banner of the King of Ealdormere




And if you could have seen us there

Boys, if you had just been there

The sky was full of singing and the foe was full of fear

In cold winds of September

The foe will all remember

The blazing scarlet banner of the King of Ealdormere


They sing the songs of glory

You'll hear the scarlet story

From camp to camp across the South, as far as Calontir

Of Grimwulf and of Aedan

Whose names set foemen hiding

When they form up the shieldwall for the King of Ealdormere


We've Sir Finnvarr and we've Kelly

And if the foe's got belly

To stand against Sir Edouard too, then give the foe a cheer

There's Sir Mordain in Skraeling

Who conquers without failing

Whenever he's commanded by the King of Ealdormere


And now I am confessing

It's our foe I'm addressing

The one who stands across the field with sword and shield and spear

I hope your steel you've mastered

Or pity the poor bastard

Who dares to face the banner of the King of Ealdormere