For Ieuen and Adrielle, Their Excellencies of Septentria, and for Her Serene Highness Elina of Ealdormere

Master Hector of the Black Height

Who gave the wolf its scarlet coat that blazes in the dawn?

Who first did find the trillium, in days long past and gone?

Who first drew forth the Northern sword, what name did foes first hear?

The answer is Septentria, the heart of Ealdormere.


The Northern wolf has glory won, as fits a beast right rare;

What other wolf feels in its breast a heart of mighty bear?

The bear's blood flows wherever goes the Northern spirit true,

And if you love the Northland then a bear's heart beats in you.


Once outlaw wolves prowled in the night while white bears ruled the days

And 'twixt these two the North-folk knew a mighty Prince's ways,

For wolf's wise wit and bear's great strength did teach a lesson clear:

Thus cunning wrapped in patience did deliver Ealdormere.


And now rams fatten on the hills, now hares roam eastern lands

And to the west wise councillors hold goblets in their hands.

The wolf may lay up in its lair as winter's peace draws near;

The white bear ever watches o'er it's own blood, Ealdormere.


And now to all Septentrians these solemn words I'd speak:

How can the mighty North-wolf thrive if its bold heart be weak?

Take up your Baron's badge with pride and send a message clear

That bears' hearts beat strong in the North; all's well with Ealdormere.


A bear first found the scarlet coat that blazes bold at dawn;

'Twas bears who found the trillium, in days long past and gone.

Those same bears drew the Northern sword, their roars our foes yet hear,

For bears still hold Septentria, the heart of Ealdormere.



My heart rests by the inland sea, my heart has found a place;

My heart beats to the wavelet's crash, warmed by the sun's embrace.

My heart draws strength and comfort from the glory I find here;

Before Elina I now stand, the heart of Ealdormere.