Little White Bear versus the Tigers

Brian Goodheart (mka Brian Laxson)

Once again I have a tale to tell from a journey across the River of Reality.

It was a rainy day in the evergreen woods of Ealdormere. Seeking shelter I came out of the wood to see a comfortable cave overlooking fields of wheat.

Drawing nearer what seemed to be a mound of snow blinked it's eyes. It was Little White Bear watching over the lands.

"Little White Bear," I said, "I ask of your hospitality."

Little White Bbear replied, "You are a subject of the Lupine Lord, who rules these Northern Lands. Go into my cave and share in warmth and honey. While you are there bring some out for me."

"Gladly," I said fetching the honey. 

When I returned and broke fast with Little White Bear I asked him, "Why are you staying out here?"

Answered the Little White Bear, "Tigers have again to debate lands to the south. The Lupine Lord has gone to make just war on the Tigers. The Great Northern Bear of Septentria has gone with him, armed all in blue. I guard these lands while they are gone. Enjoy the hospitality and protection. I will be here on guard."

So it was that I was there in the lands of the Lupine Lord when evil Tigers came into the land.

The next day a trail in wheat appeared as a Tiger came up to the cave.

Little White Bear looked down at him and said, "I see you Tiger in the grass. Speak your business. Speak before I slap you away with my paw."

Slinking closer the Tiger looked at me and said to Little White Bear, "Oh bear of the North I have become lost. I am hungry. I promise to do you no harm. Let me come to your cave so that I might eat."

"We of Ealdormere treat hospitality as a matter honor. Come forward and if you act in honor then be fed," answered Little White Bear.

Nervously I held up a pot of honey for the lost tiger.

With a surge the evil Tiger pounced upon me! Opening it's maw of many teeth it prepared to eat not the honey but me!

"I promised do no harm to the bear," said the Tiger, "but you are not the bear!"

A mighty paw of white flew through the air and flung away the Tiger into the wheat.

"But he is my guest and under my protection," shouted Little White Bear, "You have broken the honor of hospitality with your trickery. I know you now Tiger of Trickery! Away!"

With that the first evil fled Ealdormere.

That afternoon another Tiger came sneaking through the grass. It to came up to the cave.

"Guardian Bear, Guardian Bear," called out the Tiger, "I have news for you."

I heard the Little White Bear answer, "Come up and tell your news."

"Oh mighty warrior how you were missed in battle," called the Tiger as he came up, "A great battle took place. My news is that the Lupine Lord and the Great Northern Bear are slain. Now you may rule the Kingdom of Ealdormere. Do not interfere with our hunts in this land and we will make no battle with you."

Little White Bear looked deeply into the evil Tiger's eyes, "I would not be so loyal if I thought my lord and brother so easily beaten. I know you as Treason. Away!"

With that Little White Bear slapped away the Tiger of Treason. As before the Tiger made a circle in the wheat as it thudded into the ground. With it's tail between its legs the evil left Ealdormere.

That evening a sexy and sultry shadow passed over the cave opening. A third tiger came up close to the cave.

Cooing softly the Tiger said, "Hello. I am a she-Tiger. You and your cave look so warm. Lay your weary head on the soft fur of my bosom. Let our hot breath mix together. Let us become like groom and bride. "

Little White Bear growled, "If I did so then I would have to have loyalty to your father who is enemy to my Lord. I see you for what you are. You are Temptation. I would not have accepted to guard Ealdormere if I would so easily confound my duty. Away!"

Once again the Little White Bear slapped away an evil Tiger. 

"My father shall hear of this!" she cried as she landed making another circle in the wheat.

The Little White Bear said this to me, "Guest you may stay the night. In the morning stay well within the cave. Tomorrow I will fulfill my duty to do battle in the name of my brother the Great Northern Bear and our dread Lupine Lord."

In the morning a stench was upon the air. Many a Tiger was slinking toward the cave. 

"I am the Tiger of Treachery," called out one of the Tigers, "Your rejection of my daughter has done dishonor to me as well. I have brought my troops here to take this land from you."

Little White Bear shouted back, "I know who you are. Who else would led away troops when their own King called them to war. Only Treachery would do this. You dishonor yourself by forsaking loyalty for pride."

"We are thirty and you are but one," said the Tiger of Treachery as they band of Tigers closed in, "Flee and forget your duty."

Spoke the Little White Bear, "Duty before dishonor."

With a roar the Tigers all ran in to attack at once. Little White Bear reared up on his hind legs to his full height of four feet plus two.

There was a fury of fur, claws and teeth. Many wounds were made on the guardian of Ealdormere.

Little White Bear did great deeds in battle by the left paw and by the right paw. He grabbed a Tiger by the tail and swung him over his head to knock away others. With a slash of blue claws skin of the Tiger of Trickery was torn away exposing his falsehood, and now it is now worn as a cloak in Ealdormere.

Bashed, bitten, bloodied and bruised Little White Bear guarded Ealdormere that day. The Tigers were knocked away, cut and torn. To this day when strange circles appear in the wheat it is a sign that a Tiger knocked away by Little White Bear has finally landed.

After this it came for my journey to continue but asked the guardian, "How is it you came to defeat them?"

Answered the Little White Bear, "It is not the size of the bear in the fight, but the size of the fight in the bear!"